Starting from this moment, I will no longer be able to hear your soft barks every time you see me.

Starting today, I’ll practice myself to stop looking for your shadows and the gentle of your hands.

You’ll be remembered — not as a dog who served for our kindred for how many years but you will be remembered as a dog who once part of our family.

Perhaps, I will still long for your smile and how you fetch me outside the door every time I come home.

But I was quite sad knowing that you didn’t beg goodbye, so unfair.

If only you told me that you will take a trip to paradise, through the stars and the moon behind the darkest blue maybe I was still able to give you the warmest hug and kiss for the last time.

And for the last time, I hope you are now smiling up there in the sky.

I planned to take you to the most beautiful site with me but I guess, you are now happy on the perfect avenue — the paradise.

Safe trip to heaven our little angel, you may now take a rest from this cruel world.

You are loved and forever will be.

– Kath Panugan

You are too good to live in this cruel world
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash
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