Lately, I’ve realized how self-worth should be defined.

It would always be something that brings out the victory while being the worst fighter of our own.

It would always be about serenading tantrums — whatever it would bring, wherever our feet would take us.

It would always be somehow realizing how better you can be when you detach from what’s pulling you down.

Self-worth is very important. Self-worth is a must.

And if ever you get torn defining your worth, remember that you embraced sunshine for yourself to bloom — even if that means getting your dark side wilted. You never let the storms destroy you, as you are the vibrance of your own heart.

And I think, that’s the true definition of it.

To love or to be loved, to win or lose, to wilt or to bloom, as long as you value your worth, no one could ever pull you down again.

Darling, always wear your self-worth because it’s your crown — the only thing that makes you a queen of your own empire.

– El

I am worthy too
Photo by Mahdiar Mahmoodi on Unsplash
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