You do not understand life in just a blink of an eye. It takes time, perhaps a forever to never, but it still guarantees you something even if it isn’t the one you expect.

However, we couldn’t even know why it needs to be like that. To be harsh, a little bit of manipulative, a human-crasher, a mental health disaster or a heartbreak in a sugarcoated box.

Life does not always mean the grace of angels sent down from heavens to proclaim us its real definition. Life has always been a demon — the only thing that breaks me down but still keeps me holding on.

I was a demon but the ones in my life were worse. I was a heaven-sent glory until life came and broke a part of me. I was an angel looking for some scars, but I didn’t know my heart already had one.

And lately I’ve realized, when I was still in the fires of hell and the gates of eternal heaven in between, my wings flopped out and brought me back to the underworld.

And that’s how I learned life.

And that’s how I taught myself about saving souls.

And that’s how I was saved.

– El

I owe it to the demons of my life
Photo by Valery Sysoev on Unsplash
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