I am not a bounty human who absorbs everything the universe could give. It could be darkness, a sparkle or a crescent feeling I never had before. You see, I am yet the ordinary, an invincible lover you’d meet. I don’t care about butterflies circling on other people’s stomachs, tears falling down because of a tenth-day heartbreak, or a brittle photograph frame hanged in the corner of your house.

Sometimes, I can be mute in loving someone, but never hesitate to love me back, because that’s how I love you. I don’t care about petty little things or piercing feelings of two hearts combined as one. I love in heartbreaks even if it stings. I love in silence even if it suffocates me.

And if one day someone will ask me why, I won’t hear it anymore, because the language of love isn’t supposed to be asked that way — hesitated and questionable. I don’t want to hear it for a lover isn’t obliged to answer with a closed heart. I don’t care about hesitations. I don’t care about its ideals. I don’t care about true love’s definition at all.

But, if it’s all about you — I care.

– El

not just made for promises
Photo by Marcelo Matarazzo on Unsplash
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