Like most other friendships, ours also ended with the cliché clause, “we just stopped talking”.

I tried but it was harder than I thought.

I’ve realized that we were so in love having the best time of our childhood years, we were so happy running and playing random games in front of our houses, on that uncovered road. Looking back to the years when we were so young, innocent, and minding no problems at all makes me wonder how are your lives after that? I’m so curious.

Do you still remember those times when our skins were full of scratches and not lotions and makeups, when our legs and knees were full of wounds and not concealers that covers our uneven skin tone?

We might have the most wounds and scratches than the other kids in our place yet we are the happiest and the loudest.

Remember that those so-called flaws visible to our skins marked the most memorable moments of my life and I hope you all feel the same way.

The stories we’ve shared under that old mango tree next to our friend’s house are still vivid here, in my mind.
And I’ve realized that we’ve got so many stories to tell if time will let us all meet again.

– Kath Panugan

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Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash
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