“Someone once asked me why I should wait for the next life when I can have all the things I want today.

The truth is, I started giggling. It was a funny move. It made me laugh. But I knew it was a hurricane that kept me awake for nights. Maybe he’s right.

You don’t need to wait for a second life to see those things. Have that tattoo, get your pixie hair done, or dance with a stranger in a cold park; maybe it’s all possible.

But he never said there was one thing you couldn’t have whatever offer you’d exchange with. That’s just it. And it stays that way forever.

So I tried searching the only thing that I couldn’t have in the present – then I found you. It was an absurd truth, honey. Of all the things I’d wish for today, you’re the most important. But in this lifetime, you’re also an impossibility.”

– El


You’re always an impossibility to me.
Photo by Claudia Lam on Unsplash
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