Meet me in our spot, just the same cafe four blocks away from our favorite park within Ludheg’s streetlights.

Tell me how did your present life kill you and I will tell you more about mine time by time. Let’s intertwine our fingers and tangle our hearts and feel the stardusts until we could sob no more. And one day, you will tell me how you died with a gunshot and how I was killed with a heartbreak.

Maybe you will freak out by looking into my eyes and wonder why the sparkle never left me – or maybe it did, maybe it did. Well, have you ever wondered why we still met in our afterlives now?

I don’t know. I don’t know, too.

But this time, can we be brave enough? Can we be brave enough to accept the idea that maybe –
maybe we are already destined in this lifetime at last?

– El

cowards of love after all
Photo by Carlos de Miguel on Unsplash
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