You should greet me for waking my mornings up realizing how good my sleep was — because you weren’t there. I had my cup of milk and it felt like living a life without you as a part of it once.
And I should tell you — if only I had my chances — sleep is getting better and better each night. I should tell you more without reminiscing a scene of us walking together in hands out of a dream that would never exist again.

Or maybe I should tell you that whenever I tuck myself in bed at night, I would still think of you before my eyes close — hoping for you to meet me again in our favorite nightmare.
The day’s gone along with the setting sun, but this, I should tell you this for the last time:
Last night, I dreamed again.

But I was glad, dear — I was glad it wasn’t you that I dreamed of anymore.

– El

To the man I'd always dream before
Photo by ANIRUDH on Unsplash
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