there will be a time where happiness is too hard to find. You are just there, sitting in the darkest corner of your room while holding an empty bottle of liquor. You are there crying silently.

And that is the time you’ll realize you have grown up already.

You’ll be full of wounds, you’ll try to endure loads of pain, you’ll try to fix yourself even if you are already broken, you’ll realize that it was easier to be rejected by your first love than being rejected by life, and you’ll going to forget the sound of your genuine laughs.

At that moment, you’ll experience a true disaster.

And at that time, nothing in this world will heal you more than your own home offers. Go home, darling.

Go home. Not in the place where you came from but to the person you belong to.

Come home, I’ll wait for you.

I am your home.

– Kath Panugan

Somewhere in the future
Photo by Valentina Locatelli on Unsplash
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