… for it resides the purity of hearts as we are to someone. Love is not the glammed drama girls get during their sixteenth year, nevertheless the feels of skipping a heartbeat whenever his scent wanders around.

Love is not something we get to choose in between, even if it takes fifty pages of a journal sheet where his name is always embedded. Love is the toughest entity of all time — but it sometimes weakens the inevitability of falling in love without getting needles and swords.

Love has no boundaries, but loving you gets me to crossed roads. In tangled streets and intertwined fingers and to where our souls find each other, love takes me to nowhere while being lost in your eyes. Love is always the bridge, but it came and broke the wall I once built to get us apart.

Love is always limitless — but darling, you are the only exemption.

– el

Love will never be specific

Photo by Robin Stuart on Unsplash

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