…to make your Facebook profile private — it’s hard to thank people falsely praising you.

It’s okay to put your earphones on even if your music isn’t playing. You’re tired of giving attention and want to pretend you don’t hear them.

It’s okay to post or share sad content. Do whatever you want with your account as long as you’re not violating any policies. Who cares if they call you overacting. Maybe life hasn’t slapped them yet.

It’s okay to lie on your bed whole day with those comfy blankets, huge t-shirt, and your most favorite childhood pillow. You have worked so hard, you deserve to rest for a moment.

And it is okay to not invite anyone on your birthday. Cherish it on your own. It’s your time to celebrate the day you were born. Have fun and talk to yourself.

Remember that you have been in a lot of troubles for the past years and you’ve made to get through it all.

Thank yourself for the patience and being a good fighter.

– Kath Panugan

It's okay to be private
Photo by Mark Stoop on Unsplash
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