I can’t wait for the day
where you’ll finally notice I’m not your biggest fan anymore.
Or the annoying one.
Or the girl who pushes her luck to someone who can’t love her back.

I hope you figure out what happened after you lost track of me.
That somehow, my smiles made you vulnerable on some nights.
That maybe you thought about me too even for once.

I can’t wait for that day
where even if I’ll see you with someone,
it won’t sting; because I’m finally done with it. With you.

And if you ever get to ask me once we see each other again,
don’t bother to look at me and question why the sparkle left my eyes.

Don’t question the presence you were once used to.
Don’t ask me why I stayed away – because I never did.
I just stayed here in the place where you last saw me.

I never left, love.

– El

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